Join the Resistance


Olympia Embrace is a group born from the hope and energy of the Women's March.  We are citizens of this community devastated by the ascendancy of the current administration and its views of America and the world.

We work to educate ourselves on our government's processes and responsibilities.  We work to ensure our representatives know our views, and are accountable for their performance.  We act to expose and resist the disturbing effects of those actions we cannot presently prevent and those battles in which we cannot presently prevail.

We fight for a progressive future. Join us.

For our community. For our neighbors. For our families. For ourselves.




We strive to be active resisters - volunteering, supporting, organizing, doing.


We are from the community, for the community.



Born out of the Women's March movement, we are unpaid neighborhood activists working to make a difference.


If you have an open heart and mind and the desire to make a difference, please join us.