Activism Can Bring About Change

Earlier this year the Thurston Conservation District held an election to select a member to its Board of Supervisors.

Many (most?) of us had little previous knowledge of the Conservation District and its responsibilities, much less that it had been taken over by individuals who seem more intent on dismantling it and impeding its possibilities for environmental protection and enhancement than on serving the wishes of the great majority of citizens of this county in these areas. There are probably very few of us who had previously voted in a Conservation District Board of Supervisors election.

And now, more of us are aware, and more of us have spoken up.

Previously, the election of members to the Conservation District Board of Supervisors had ordinarily attracted about 250 voters. Total. In the last election, the loser, who had been endorsed by the Thurston County Republican Party, garnered about that many votes alone. The winner of the election, Paul Pickett, who had been endorsed by the Environmental Voters of Thurston County group, received nearly 10 times that number of votes.

This was an election which required voters to "go out" and ask for a ballot, rather than like in most all other elections in which a ballot would have been mailed to us to be returned with our vote.

WHEN we work to make ourselves aware, WHEN we push ourselves to do just a bit more in this fight, WHEN we strive to do better in the future than perhaps how we have done in the past, WHEN we act on the understanding that our government is not "them", it is us:

THEN we begin to make progressive change for our community, for our families, and for ourselves.