Thurston County Boards and Officials


  1. Board of County Commissioners / Board of Health
  2. Sheriff
  3. Prosecutor
  4. Auditor (includes the Elections Division)

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Board of County Commissioners / Board of Health

In Thurston County, three elected individuals serve 4-year terms in the dual role of the County's Board of County Commissioners and Board of Health. Two are selected in the Fall balloting of Presidential election years, and the third is selected in the Fall balloting 2 years later.

The Board of County Commissioners is the legislative and executive authority for the County. The Board has budget and financial authority over all County offices and Departments, adopts laws governing all aspects of the County, and appoints members to advisory boards and commissions.

The Board of Health has responsibility and authority for Public Health in both the incorporated and unincorporated areas of Thurston County.

The Commissioners are nominated by the voters of a commissioner district in which they live, but are elected by vote of the County as a whole.

District 1 Commissioner John Hutchings

  • current term runs through November 2020

District 2 Commissioner Gary Edwards

  • current term runs through November 2020

District 3 Commissioner Bud Blake

  • up for re-election in November 2018

Thurston County Sheriff


Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney


Thurston County Auditor