Fight Interference by Trump in the Mueller Investigation


Donald Trump and some Republican members of Congress have repeatedly thrown out spurious and unfounded accusations of misdeeds and claims of bias by Mr. Mueller, the Special Prosecutor appointed initially to investigate the Russian meddling in our last national election. This is being done either as a prelude to an unwarranted and improper termination of the investigation or to cast doubt before the investigation is even completed on the results it has produced and may further produce. Right-wing broadcasters have been and are continuing to do the same.

If Donald Trump takes further action to obstruct this investigation by firing Robert Mueller, we must act. Events are being planned across the United States for rapid response (info HERE), including one in Olympia If Donald Trump takes such reckless action prior to 2pm local time on any given day, the action is planned for 5pm that evening; if after 2pm, the action would be held at noon on the following day.

An Olympia event is planned for start at the Insurance Building on the State Capital campus. This building (also home now to the Washington State Auditor's Office) is located just south of the Winged Victory monument and to the east of the Capitol rotunda and Legislative building. The sign-up for the event previously stated that the action was "full", but is now allowing for sign-ups again. Even if the event again lists as "full" or you have not previously signed up, SHOW UP ANYWAY! Following the initial gathering at the Insurance Building, the plan is for demonstrators to line both sides of Capital Blvd.

In the face of any such anti-democratic action by Trump we must push back loudly and strongly, demanding that Congress take action in response. Additional action at other venues are being planned, and will be posted on the linked website when they have been confirmed.

More information will be posted here as it becomes available. Be ready to act on short notice.