Health Care and Reproductive Rights

Support planned parenthood and reproductive choice

Planned Parenthood, health care, and reproductive choice remain under assault by President Trump, the Republican Right, and religious groups who want to force their beliefs on others. Give your support to Planned Parenthood. Volunteer. Donate. Stand with them.

Each Friday in Olympia from 7:30am to 9:30am and/or from 4:00 to 5:30pm come stand in support of Planned Parenthood on Legion Way. Men especially are encouraged to come out. In a culture historically controlled by men, consider the power of the statement made by a group of men standing in support: for women, for women's health care, and for reproductive choice. The morning stand overlaps with a period of time during which Forced Birthers are present, demonstrating to outlaw abortion and against Planned Parenthood, typically with their most assaultive signage. The evening stand has most often only involved those who support Planned Parenthood.

Come down and stand. Bring yourself. Bring a sign of support if you have one. Stand for an hour per week or for an hour each month. Stand for one hour only, if that is what you have. It will cost you little, and you will receive much.