Human / Civil Rights and Equality in America

Attacks on the rights and equality of historically oppressed groups and people in the United States have been further legitimized, encouraged, and increased with the election of Donald Trump and the Republican Party majorities in Congress. Often these attacks are couched in terms and actions attempting to portray these citizens as recipients of unnecessary and unwarranted protections, and these protections as affronts to the rights and opportunities of some usually undefined "majority" (that is often easily translatable to "white, straight, and male").

This is a false narrative.

Many groups and people have been marginalized, harassed, demonized and brutalized in our country and culture throughout our history. Pay and advancement inequity is a documented fact. Attempts to legislate protections for those subject to these injustices are steps - initial steps - to bring this into the light and put an end to discrimination based on race, sex and sexual orientation, gender and gender orientation, disability, religion, national origin, and other bases.

In this regard, we must continue to move forward and we must resist attempts to roll back protections for the rights of our neighbors, friends, and family who have previously been pushed aside and worse.


Resource Organizations for Human and Civil Rights and Equality

Mapping Hate Groups in America