Indivisible 435


Put out by the national Indivisible organization, Indivisible 435, is a strategic plan for contesting and winning elections coming up. The Indivisible 435 website can be accessed HERE, and in addition to information already available there (under their "resources tab in the top left corner), if you choose to leave them contact information they will send you "calls and texts about important updates, ways to take action, and information about events in your area from Indivisible, approximately 3 times a month".

The Olympia Indivisible group met on February 5, and is working on their plans to impact 2018 legislation and elections utilizing the tools and information in Indivisible 435. They will have a follow-up meeting on Monday, February 19, at 2pm at the County Courthouse, Bldg 1, Room 152, to discuss progress and next steps.

Further information on this and other efforts to impact the elections in the Fall will be provided as it becomes available.