Stay in Touch with Your Political Representatives

At all levels, ours is a Representative Democracy. We cannot each and everyone of us directly participate by voting on each and every decision to be made and piece of legislation to be enacted.

For this - at the local, state, and federal levels - we have elected our representatives.

It is critical that our representatives are made aware what we do and do not want of and from them; what we do and do not support in action and legislation; how we do and do not want them to represent us. And this must be a two-part process: telling them not only when they do not measure up to our expectations, but also when they are doing so.

Our representatives will more often hear from constituents (us) when it is strongly felt that they are not doing what is wanted. It is no less important that they hear - and be thanked - when they are doing what we want, particularly in matters of strong dispute, and, beyond that, especially when they are bucking strong tides in support of what we want.

contact your political representatives.

Tell them when you want them to do differently, and tell them when they are acting in accord with your wishes.

Thank them for their work.

And let them know that they will have your support in their work for strong, progressive, inclusive communities.

......Take 5 minutes. Please. Do this now.

Contact your: