Support Planned Parenthood and Reproductive Rights


Each Friday in Olympia from 7:30am to 9:30am and/or from 4:30 to 5:30pm come stand in support of Planned Parenthood on Legion Way. Men especially are encouraged to come out. In a culture historically controlled by men, consider the power of the statement made by a group of men standing in support: for women, for women's health care, and for reproductive choice.

Come down and stand. Bring yourself. Bring a sign of support if you have one. Stand for the whole period, for an hour a week, or for an hour each month. Stand for one hour only, if that is what you have. It will cost you little, and you will receive much.


NOTE: The Friday morning stand overlaps with a period of time during which Forced Birth/Anti-Choice protesters are present. They are there demonstrating to restrict women’s rights, outlaw abortion, and eliminate Planned Parenthood, typically with their most assaultive signage. We do not generally engage with them, and there have been very few direct problems with these individuals. The evening stand has most often only involved those who support Planned Parenthood, however Forced Birth/Anti-Choice protesters are scheduled to engage in a 40-day period lasting from 9/26 thru 11/4 during which they will be from present from dawn to dusk each day.

Additionally, in the first part of 2018, out-of-town right-wing bigots of the Patriot Prayer Group showed up during 3 Friday morning stands, purportedly in support of anti-choice protesters, and were countered by a group of young people belonging to a local Antifa group who came to oppose them. On each of the days there were some physical altercations, the release of pepper spray, and the response of police, all culminating in a brawl on the morning of Friday, February 9th. Neither the individuals of the Patriot Prayer Group nor the Antifa group have since shown up on subsequent Fridays. If there are further changes about this, additional information will be posted here.