Are you on the menu?


A former Republican Senator from Wyoming was reported to have once quipped:

"If you are not seated at the table, you are on the menu."

Is the truth of this not yet plain? The ethically bereft Donald Trump seated at the head of the political feeding trough, cheered on, enabled, and slavered over by the morally bankrupt Senators and Representatives of his Republican Party, hurriedly dismantling and disabling every protective and progressive legislation and regulation he can possibly end or cripple while stacking our Courts and regulatory agencies with the most regressive and unqualified judges and political hacks he can possibly find.

Casting our ballots in major elections is required if we want change. And make no mistake: it is and will continue to be insufficient. Along with the numerous other dictates of providing for the physical and moral survival of ourselves and of our families, we must find time to act in the political sphere in ways that go beyond the minimal requirement of voting once every two or four years.

We must act.

You must act.

Whether it be 15 minutes a day. One hour a week. A specific day each month. For any amount of time that can be squeezed in on a regular basis, at every level that we can intervene, we must begin to do this. We must learn and create new habits of political action. And if we cannot do it all, we must do some, Constantly and consistently.

Start with what you know you can do and maintain, and build from there. Do not leave it to others. We can all join in this together.

Otherwise we and those we care for and about will simply remain "on the menu". Or worse.