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  1. Congressional Investigation into Russian Interference in Our Election
  2. Washington State Public Disclosure Law


The Mueller Investigation

Representative Denny Heck is the representative from Washington State for the 10th Congressional District which covers parts of Mason, Thurston, and Pierce Counties.

Representative Heck sits on the House Intelligence Committee which has held responsibility in the US House of Representatives for investigation of Russian interference in our last national election. As you may recall, this committee's work was thrown off track by the inappropriate actions of its Chair, Representative Devin Nunes (R-UT) in colluding with the White House in the midst of the investigation. Rep Nunes has since been compelled to recuse himself from this work of the committee, and it has been proceeding again.

Contact Representative Heck to thank him for his work on this committee in the investigation of Russian interference in our election and any role the White House may have played in this, and to ask that he continue to press for further investigative action.


Washington State Public Disclosure Law

The Washington State Public Disclosure Commission was established by initiative of the state's citizens in 1972 to provide public access to information about the money going to public campaigns, to lobbying and lobbyists, and to those running for public office. The Commission also oversees compliance with campaign contribution limits and other campaign restrictions that were enacted by initiative from the people in 1992.

You can obtain additional information about the Public Disclosure Commission and campaign and/or lobbying financing using the link above or going here.