County and regional Officials

  1. Thurston County Commissioners
  2. Port of Olympia Commissioners

Thurston County

Thurston County board of Commissioners

The three-member Board of Commissioners is the legislative and executive authority of the County. The Board has budget and financial authority over all offices and Departments, adopts laws governing all aspects of the County, and appoints members to advisory boards and commissions. The Board of County Commissioners also serves as the County Board of Health.

The County Commissioners are nominated by the voters of a commissioner district in which they live, but are elected by vote of the County as a whole.

District 1 Commissioner John Hutchings

District 2 Commissioner Gary Edwards

District 3 Commissioner Bud Blake

Port of Olympia

board of commissioners

The Port of Olympia is a municipal corporation serving all of Thurston County. It is governed by 3 elected commissioners who set policies and objectives. Each commissioner represents a district within Thurston county and serves a 4-year term. The commissioners appoint the Port's executive director, who is responsible for the ongoing management of the Port's enterprises and facilities.

As with the Board of County Commissioners, Port Commissioners live in and are nominated by the voters of delineated districts (which in the case of Thurston County match the districts for County Commissioners), and are then elected in district-wide voting.

District 1 Port Commissioner Joe Downing

  • Phone: (360) 810-1307
  • Email:

District 2 Port Commissioner Bill McGregor

  • Phone: (360) 918-1386
  • Email:

District 3 Port Commissioner E.J. Zita

  • Phone: (360) 481-9315
  • Email:

Port Executive Director Ed Galligan

  • Phone: (360) 528-8000
  • Email:
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