Washington State Voting Rights Legislation

  1. Washington State Voting Rights Act
  2. Same-Day Voter Registration
  3. The DISCLOSE Act


The Washington State Voting Rights Act

The Washington Voting Rights Act (ESSB 6002) was passed to improve local elections systems that were previously denying minority communities fair opportunities to vote for candidates of their choice. This Act will empower local governments to work directly with their communities to fix outdated or unfair election systems without being compelled to do so by federal intervention or costly litigation.

The Washington Voting Rights Act was passed by the Legislature and has been signed by the Governor.


Same-Day Voter Registration

The legislation in Senate bill SSB 6021 has also passed both chambers of the Legislature, and has been signed by the Governor. This legislation allows for same-day voter registration in Washington until 8pm on Election Day if done in person, or up to 8 days prior to an election if registration is done online or by mail. It also provides for "pre-registration" of 16 and 17 year olds when they obtain their Drivers License. 

According to 22nd Legislative District Senator Sam Hunt, same-day voter registration has been shown to increase turnout by up to 10%, and the 5 states with the highest percentage of voter turnout in 2016 all had same-day registration.



SSB 5991 will attempt to shine a brighter light on money spent in Washington state elections by requiring non-profit organizations that make significant campaign contributions and activities to disclose their top donors.

In this instance, too, the bill has passed the legislature, and has been signed by the Governor.